How It All Works

In order to achieve this objective, we are fully geared with the necessary manpower, infrastructure and customer support information system. The Customer Support Department (CSD) consists of a highly skilled group of professionals. Any service call reported in Muscat at/before 1 pm will be attended to the same working day. Calls reported after 1 PM will be attended to on the next working day.


***** 24 x 7 Customer Support - Call @ GSM 95244809 *****

The customer support department has a powerful information system which can produce reports on the calls reported, log-in time, nature of problem, name of the engineer attended to the call, status of problem, rectification measures taken etc. details as and when required. In addition, the department maintains a database of all the installations with product details and history, most frequently reported problems and possible solutions. This will enable our engineers to quickly troubleshoot the problem and provide a ready solution.